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There has been something inside of you, nudging quietly and persistently for some time:

A Movement Towards a Change, a deep calling to follow through on an idea, create from your heart, launch a creative project, or the need of a life change, but.... you keep treading on the spot, doubting your abilities or the idea itself... and would like to leave the stress of doubting yourself and your abilities behind?

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Your wish is to....

  • gain clarity about what is important to you
  • find more joy and calm in the midst of you life as it is
  • deepen your appreciation for your gifts and express them with a more ease and confidence
  • cultivate courage and grace to live more consistently from a place of personal truth and authenticity
  • connect with the creative freedom to live your life in a way that brings you joy, fulfillment and satisfying success without worrying about what others might think of you
  • further develop your potential to serve and inspire others in meaningful ways
  • trust and follow your heart's longing and step by step put your goals into form
  • feel more inspired and motivated as a woman who creates from her heart making a difference in the lives of others with your gifts and vision.

Finding your path can feel unclear, overwhelming and intimidating.... I understand all of it, I have been there myself. .. and working alone is hard! It is easy to get side-tracked or lost on a route that has you drive in circles leading to nowhere...

Your Dream is Waiting  patiently - Bring it to Life

Illuminate your Strength - Nurture Courage

You are....

an artist, creative or nurturer, a passionate soul with a deep desire to create authentically from your heart. Serving and inspiring the lives of others in meaningful ways is important to you

  • you may be at the cusp of making a change in your life or business and feel the need for clarity, direction, support and accountability in manifesting your goal and taking your next important step
  • ‍you might be a sensitive person who cares deeply and often gives with not much left for herself
  • with many interests and as someone who loves to learn, you can be pulled in many directions, you may start and try, and feel that nothing really takes shape enough to be sustainable
  • sometimes you worry about if what you are desiring has any real ground or validity and at times you loose contact with your own true compass
  • when self doubts, feelings of overwhelm and inner criticism put your otherwise passionate nature into crisis, you suffer, leading you from stagnating, to retreating and questioning your hearts longing. This can sometimes go on for too long. You feel you are not following through on something essential but deep within you know that you must ...

Imagine what it would be like to....

  • rest in your inner wisdom, and trust your inner guidance to express yourself with more confidence and freedom
  • nurture inner calm, connect with your passion to see your soul purpose becoming clear and allow a new joy and ease filled way of dealing with challenges to begin to emerge
  • befriend your inner critic and release the hold of fear
  • cultivate a new confidence that inspires your creative potential and takes you to new actions
  • align with your heart's longing, conceive of your next steps, create a plan and implement it step by step towards realizing a precious goal

Living your authentic truth, takes courage and a willingness to travel unknown territory. Easing into and beyond the edge of your comfort zone is where the creativity of your action lives.

Nurture a new level of inner centeredness and clarity. Be in touch with your true needs and embody a deepened expression of your true path.


As a woman in a leadership position in your life, or are aspiring to...

you would like to strengthen your connection with your true inner compass, intuition, creativity, clarity and courage, and overcome patterns of stagnation, self sabotage and doubt.

You want to attune to what is essential and deeply true for you, express more of yourself and realize your soul and life potential. You want to connect to trust, clarity and soulful purpose, your joy, your love, your passion and take practical steps to follow it - bringing it to what you are already doing and reaching further.

It can be difficult to stay connected to what truly matters, so much pulls on us daily. Especially as a sensitive person, learning to navigate and harness the gift of sensitivity as something that serves you, is a practice that is essential to creating from a place of inspired direction, rather than reaction.

Listening to what others think, our own inner criticism, doubts and challenging life circumstances at times, can put a strain on us and cloud our ability to see our next steps and listen closely to what is nudging us deep within.

May be you are a sensitive and creative soul, strong in your heart of passion, at a crossroads, opening a new chapter or navigating an important passage in your life...

something is calling...a question, an excitement is nudging, or a life change is putting you on notice .... the desire and need to make a change, let something go, better take care of yourself, start a creative project, or finally do the thing you have been longing to do ....

Develop the courage to stop doing what is not working and start the new project or make the life change that has been calling you including:

  • share your authentic self and expression
  • trust and follow your heart's calling
  • cultivate your feminine leadership strengths and intuitive abilities
  • move forward creating and sharing in ways that are true for you
  • begin or complete a creative project
  • create a plan to leave your current occupation and/or create the livelihood you have been thinking about

Is this you?

As a sensitive and creative woman you would like to:

  • deepen courage & soulful confidence

  • cultivate your intuitive abilities
  • trust your heart's calling
  • clarify your authentic expression and move forward in ways that are true for you.