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Together we can listen to what wants to be said, moved or let go of - Allow me to assist and inspire you in taking your next step with ease, encouragement and inspiration.

With love and joy,

Hi, my name is Loba. I am a lover of movement and sound, silence and space, all that blooms and grows, color and heart filled expression.

I believe we are here to know ourselves as intimately as possible, kindly show up for our own care and thus for others, which the world so desperately needs at this time.

I have been teaching for over 30 years. My sincere interest lies in connecting to Nature, Spirit, and our shared experience. Being a Reiki Master, Alexander Technique Teacher, Meditation Practitioner, Intuitive, Artist and classically trained Flutist & Performer, informs and infuses every aspect of my work.

As teacher and guide I assist women and men to restore ease, joy and creative flow in their life. Cultivate balance, soften stress and let beauty into your heart, so you can lighten pain and allow even the most challenging, frustrating or looming questions to find their answers and return to the joy and creative drive that is innately yours.

I am grateful you are here.


Maybe you are a sensitive and creative soul, at a crossroads, beginning a new chapter in your life or navigating an important passage...

A life change is putting you on notice, the desire to better take care of yourself, start a creative project, or finally do the thing you have been longing to do ....

Loba Chudak

Fine Art & Coaching

Art, Coaching and Inspiration for Living with Balance, Creating Wellbeing & Nurturing Joy

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