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Paitnings & Petals

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Hand-painted Silk       One-of-a-kind Shawls

Delicious Rose

to uplift, nurture & delight

Own your value, follow your heart & do your good work in the world. Inspired, empowered, and whole, align the practical & the soulful to create your business. For creatives, artists & spiritual entrepreneurs.


Silk infused with Flow, Creativity & High Vibes

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Delicious Trio
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- Mentoring

Nurture calm, deepen awareness & renew trust in yourself, your body and your capabilities to create more flow, better manage stress, and experience more joy and spaciousness consistently.

Embrace your creativity and commit to nurturing your art. Move forward with a project you have been wanting to create but have been putting off. You feel the need to break the holding pattern.

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