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Living Poise Life Balance Coaching - I help women and men, sensitive souls and creatives to cultivate a new spaciousness: clarity & joy, inspiration and direction in their lives, which often includes working with pain, be it acute or longstanding, caused by stress, worries, old baggage of the past, mental or physical events, or by feeling overwhelmed or addicted to the busyness in your life. I offer practical tools, inspiration, deep listening and hands-on support to develop YOUR skill, strength and ability to cultivate a new awareness and bring it to your daily life. Learning to slow down, clearing mind clutter and restoring a deepened connection with yourself for making good choices on your behalf are all part of this process. Nurturing clarity and allowing your creative nudges to take hold to be expressed are steps that follow. Life Balance

Physical and structural discomfort, repetitive strain, neck & back pain, are an aspect of this work as well and will be address in the context of

Alexander Technique & Body Balance Coaching

Coaching & Learning

For your Inspiration

With practical, nurturing and intuitive supports I assist you to

  • strengthen your skills for self care
  • reduce pain, anxiety & stress and cultivate calm, clarity & ease
  • listen closely to your inner guidance
  • overcome doubt and transform procrastination & self sabotage
  • follow the nudges of your heart and move forward to express your authentic voice, be it a project or create a sustainable livelihood that is authentically yours.

Embody Balance - Nurture your Creative Vitality - Follow your Heart




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Loba Chudak


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The Courage for Joy -

Balance, Vision & Soul

Living Poise Coaching & Art

Cultivate your innate strength and return to expressing your joy, so you can create with renewed vision and momentum what you feel called to do!

What is your next courageous step to trust the calling of your heart?

With love, joy and encouragement,

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Hello & Welcome! I am Loba.

The busyness of life can be a strong current that needs skill & grounding to be mastered. It can be difficult to stay connected to what truly matters, so much pulls on us daily. Especially as a sensitive person learning to navigate and harness the gift of sensitivity as something that serves you, is a practice that is essential to creating from a place of inspired direction, rather than reaction.

As a teacher and mentor I assist women and men to cultivate balance, spaciousness and ease, and align themselves with the greater vision of their lives.