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Loba Chudak

Loba Chudak, flute Pia Preu, piano.

Silk infused with vitality, movement & healing to uplift and anchor you & your goals-original designs hand painted on silk by Loba Chudak

who want to nurture flow and create with more  ease  & abundance in their life & business

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Archetypes & Color Essence VIP-Day

A hand-painted custom piece, anchor shawl or wall art, infused  with a personal intention of your choosing, to anchor and support your vision in your personal space.

Custom anchor shawls can be painted following the personal color palette - based on the spring/summer/fall/ winter color theory.

Or alternatively, you can choose a piece from my catalogue mailed directly to your client.  

Custom Silk Art

For you & your clients

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Color Essence

  • Discover your leading archetypes and colors, and harness their support & power in your life and business
  • Bring your gifts and talents forward, express your message with clarity and in harmony with yourself, so you can shine naturally and effortlessly. These tools connect you with yourself and your most important assets on a deeper level
  • As a special part of this VIP-day I will create your personal custom shawl, painted with your personal colors, and infused with the energy of your personal intention, to anchor your progress on your path with purpose

Nurture flow, embody your gifts & create powerfully

Get comfortable choosing and wearing color, learn which colors lift you up or pull you down, so you can:

  • enhance your energy to feel supported, centered, productive & in the flow.
  • express who you are inside and out, feel comfortable with yourself and express your message naturally authentic
  • upgrade your professional look for Zoom meetings
  • simplify your closet and find new ways to love what you already have

Color is a beautiful aspect of life and will enliven your connection with yourself and how you live and create your business.

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Color Essence Consultation

Nurture flow with your personal colors

You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not’?

— George Bernard Shaw

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    I help committed entrepreneurs-to-be get clear about their vision, build their offer, and move forward creating a fulfilling livelihood

    Soul Purpose Livelihood

    From Doubt & Uncertainty to Clarity & Fulfillment,

    create your

    What is your Mission?  What have you come here to do?  Who do you long to serve and what Impact do you want to make?

      This Moment

      Imagine a piece of music that touches you, a sound that stirs and uplifts your mood, a color that energizes you, or a piece of art that gets your attention. It can soften the edges of your stress and pain, open your whole being, and re-connect you with flow and inspiration.

      Flow is everywhere, you are this creative expression & movement. Allowing yourself to be touched is an expression of this. The willingness to receive and connect with new ways of seeing and hearing creates flow and opens you to recognizing possibility.

      Consider your creativity as the backbone that gives you stability, supports you in moving freely in the midst of challenges, and guides you in living and creating in the midst of uncertainty.

      Creativity is not a luxury - Creativity is essential.

      with Heart & Impact

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