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For your Inspiration

With practical, nurturing and intuitive supports I assist you to:

  • reduce pain, anxiety & stress
  • cultivate inner calm & organize your thoughts
  • nurture ease with yourself and others
  • strengthen your self care and pay attention to your true needs
  • listen closely to your inner guidance
  • overcome doubt and transform procrastination & self sabotage
  • listen to the nudges of your heart
  • create a plan and actionable steps to move forward to follow your calling



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Return to expressing your joy, so you can create with renewed vision and momentum what you feel called to do!

What is your next courageous step?

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Hello & Welcome! I am Loba.

As a teacher and mentor I assist women and men to heal pain, cultivate balance, spaciousness and ease, and align themselves with the greater vision of their lives.

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Is this you?

You are a sensitive and creative soul, with a passionate heart and a longing that is nudging you. Maybe you are at a crossroads, beginning a new chapter in your life or navigating an important passage...

Something is calling, a question, a longing that is nudging, or a life change is putting you on notice: the desire and need to make a change, let something go, better take care of yourself, start a creative project, or finally do the thing you have been longing to do ....

Loba Chudak

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