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I create your special piece for you as a touch stone and ceremonial anchor in your life.

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You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not’?

— George Bernard Shaw

    Nurture your Soul - Embody your Calling

    Ceremonial Empowerment Shawl

    Earth Dance Art Cards

    Petals & Abstracts Canvas Series

    Beauty, Balance & Good Vibrations for your Life

    I am creating masks for women, men & children combining the functional with the beautiful and sprinkling in some fun with color for our daily lives....

    Art is important, Creativity is important. Like music, it opens our heart and softens our edges, the edges of our stress, pain and concerns.

    As living, breathing beings we are all fundamentally creative. Being touched is an expression of that. Giving ourselves permission to be touched opens our heart, allowing in what ever is needed at this moment; a touch, a sound, a color, a graceful gesture of life. This creates flow, the beginning of wholeness and healing, the constant process of life breathing life.

    Art is the conduit, the symphony of magic. I invite you to listen to it for yourself.

    For Sale this Fall

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    Soulful Empowerment - Nurturing Creativity - Remembering what already is

    Soulful Empowerment - Fine Art & Coaching


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    Empowering Women to Spark Dreams, Anchor Goals & Live Soulfully Successful Creating from the Heart


    Ceremonial Anchors for Women


    Hand Painted Silk wearable & framedScarves, Shawls,  Tapestries, and more

    who want to connect with their power, flow & abundance

    A symphony of color that touches your heart, sparks your imagination & evokes your passion - carrying healing vibrations to uplift you and bring food to your soul

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    Embody Balance - Trust  Your Calling - Create the Success of doing what you Love

    Empowering women to create their thriving economy by following their heart and doing what they have come here to create.


    Soulful Empowerment

    & Business