Loba Chudak

Silk infused with vitality, movement & healing to support and uplift you & your goals - original designs hand painted on silk by Loba Chudak

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Unique Hand Painted Silk Art Shawls

Follow your Heart, Share your Gifts, Make Money

For Professional Women, Creatives &  Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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Are you tired of  cookie cutter business advice that doesn't honor you and your uniqueness?

Are you longing to create your business in alignment with who you are?

You have moved through the challenge and come out the other end - channel your gifts, talents & expertise into a beautiful & concise form that powerfully and elegantly serves the clients you most want to reach, so you can bring your medicine to your people and create your heart centered business encompassing the teachings you are here to share.

Embrace your Color &  Nurture Joy

Get into Flow, Productiveness & Consistency YOUR WAY

From Invisible to Unstoppable Follow your Heart & Make your Mark

Soul Business Impact
Creativity & Visibility
Color for Life
Loba redblouse

Would you like to bring your gifts, and expertise into a consistent form that generates consistent results for your clients and increases your profitability?

Transform what you do into unique powerhouse packages so you can authentically deliver your magic and share your teaching with heart & impact.

Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels, or persistent frustration about how to move forward?

Awaken heart-space-creativity, mindfulness & joy, and cultivate a mindset of abundance & resilience, so you can get un-stuck, overcome anxiety, doubt, and decision-overwhelm, and finally allow your gifts to be soul-fully expressed

Bring all your Gifts to your Clients

3-Month Program

6-Month Program

1/2 Day Retreat

Add Color to your Life,

Home/ Office Space


naturally Support Confidence, Flow & Ease




Nurture Spaciousness, Creativity & Flow through Color