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Habotai Silk Scarves

All scarves are designed and hand painted by me. They come in many varieties - colors, patterns and sizes. To view more styles go back to top menu options. Silk Habotai is lightweight with a beautiful drape.

Care for your Scarf:

The silk is washable. Hand wash with mild soap and let air dry. Ironing is fine, with a skilled hand you can use the steam setting.

Quesions ?

Abstract Silk Collection


Habotai Silk Scarf 11''x60''



Habotai Silk Scarf 11''x60''


Hydrangea - purple

Habotai Silk Scarf 14''x72''



Habotai Silk Scarf 14''x72''



Habotai Silk Scarf 14''x72''



Habotai Silk Scarf 14''x72''


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