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The joy that comes from being in close contact with the earth, experiencing nature’s essential elements and abundant gifts, moving, sensing and hearing sound - color, ebb & flow, rhythm & breath - as well as the gift of tranquility, meditation, deep satisfaction and harmony, all this supports and creates my work.

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Painting with the sensibility of a musician, my desire to paint is supported by my life as a flutist working with the breath, the basic vehicle of my work. An abstract visual expression becomes another form of music making, sharing sound that empowers, impacts and heals.

Early on I was led to discover silk as the most fitting medium. It allows the translation of sound into the movement of the paint, the brush, the whole person: movement from the core extending out - breath breathing sound, breathing movement, dancing color. So does silk, it’s rich and luminous texture receives and activates the colors that come together into a moment celebrating the deep texture of life.

Loba is a true artist and explorer at heart. Some have said that she is an artist of life.

As performer, formerly with the Philharmonic Orchestra at the Opera in HH, Germany, she holds a degree in flute performance & pedagogy and several decades of teaching experience.

A certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and Reiki Master she has worked with people from many different walks of life and helped them overcome physical challenges, acute & chronic pain, stage fright, personal limitations & life challenges for over 20 years.

Who is Loba?

Loba LOVES color, flowers and gardening.

From early on she has created art including fiber art, photography, painting and music. She learned to play the piano at age 4.

A highly intuitive, sensitive person and student of Zen she continuously learns, explores, and creates, and strives to embody compassionate living.

She followed her calling when she courageously stepped into the unknown and came to the United States and made a life for herself.

As entrepreneur and business coach she brings her broad expertise and high level skills to her clients to help them overcome contraction in their body & mind, lack of clarity & direction, so they can stop spinning their wheels, return to flow and empowered presence, and follow their calling building the business they long to create.

About painting on Silk

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Are you a passionate entrepreneur, an ambitious, soulful creative who has a lot tot offer and yet you struggle to create that which you know you are here to do?

When you start working with Loba you will begin to settle into your knowing, and consistently live your life and business creating with more calm, confidence and energized clarity.

You will move from chronic procrastinating, churning and judging yourself to freeing your energy into the freedom to joyful expression, and consistently make plans and life decisions from that place.

Why do you NEED to work with Loba?

It is in the Creativity, in the spaces that open your heart and allow you to access all that you already are and know, that brings authentic action into forward movement.  The kind of movement that sustains you, and is clear, directed and vital. The thing we maybe call success, that which brings satisfaction and the sense of YES! I AM doing the right thing, the thing that lights me up and cannot help BUT do.

And YET, it often seems to be the very place where a lot of us get tangled. Connecting with the place of KNOWING - that which is not quite yet, and nonetheless it already is - your very heart’s desire.

Reaching for it, is the path and the necessity to be taken on

AND, the very practical, down to earth steps connecting the two worlds: Vision & Manifestation.

It is in the gap between those worlds where so much can happen, the list is long, we all have our own personal version of how we get caught in that in-between-place. I have my own as well - which I can share in a different place.

I am here to offer my skill and expertise to you, to get you into the movement of bringing YOUR amazing gift into the place that you are here to share.

Where two worlds touch

Heal your HeART