Fine Art & Coaching


Loba Chudak

I am committed to supporting your learning, healing & transformation:

  • Awareness: being, seeing & receiving - increase your ability to receive and open yourself to being nurtured.
  • Simplicity: relieving drama, melting pain. What does no longer serve you. Nurture simplicity, receive clarity, engage focus, restore joy.
  • Ease: vitality and joy reveal your truth. Find the gateway to your creativity in whatever form it speaks through you. Too often people will label themselves as not creative or withhold their creative expression from themselves. Yet, the ability to recognize and claim your personal form of creativity is an essential piece to wellbeing, meaningful living & satisfaction. Being balanced and at ease is the conduit.
  • Spaciousness: what is the pain that is holding you back in living your life fully now ? Deepen your awareness. Allowing more spaciousness, means shifting focus to skillfully work with patterns that cause you pain and stagnation. Following through on a calling takes courage, and courage needs the strength of your backbone – literally and figuratively – so you can be supported and balanced in living clearly and seeing your lifeʼs gifts.
  • Embodiment: the strength and courage of letting go. Are you ready to allow change to accommodate your renewal ? From the inside out reconnecting with creative resources, we harness your personal expression for meaningful and wholesome ways to live sustainably and create the success - that YOU call success, and not anybody else. Not afraid to be seen, make yourself heard, do what you love, take charge of your wellbeing. From that place you can give and receive, create and share with others.

It is my joy and commitment, to inspire and support those, that are ready to make their calling a priority. Healing pain, clearing confusion & doubt, we steadily deepen the progress of embodying your life's work & purpose, a grounded approach with practical tools, feminine balance and holistic inspiration.

I am so glad you stopped by. LivingPoise is all about you, about finding your Stride, Clarity, Ease and Compassion with yourself and 're-membering' to trust, so you can recognize and enjoy your treasures.

Poise is a beautiful language deeply inscribed in the ‍core of our being, it is delicate and strong, expansive and practical all at the same time. Poise is your readiness to respond skillfully and in the moment. We enter life with it but tend to unlearn and forget about it's strength, being told so often that trying hard is the way to reach your goals.

My ongoing practice is to allow Awareness to be my guide. I nurture it to follow my path. Cultivating awareness & balance takes you to places you didn't think possible, ..…it promotes Clarity & Courage in the choices and decisions you make. Clarity for what is true for you and for how it connects to the greater world around you. My wish is to help you reach and connect deeply into your potential for awareness, balance and ease… help you recognize the patterns and habits that stand in your way..…and to open the door, so you can see the delicious opportunities right in front of you, ready to embrace them.

You have the unique potential and creative gifts to live your authentic and productive life from the places of your greatest longing and inspiration.

My job is to support you in aligning and connecting with your direct line of wisdom, clarity, and confidence, so you can tap into what your life purpose and passion has in store for you.



Hello & Welcome!

I am Loba. I accompany spirited, sensitive and creatively minded women and men on their path to more balance, self-acceptance and authentic expression.

As artist, life balance & soul vision mentor I support you to nurture a practice of full body, heart-mind presence. Learn to listening closely to your nudges, to trust your hearts desire and build the courage and skill in taking grounded steps to take your next steps and express your soul's calling in authentic and fulfilling ways.  

About Living Poise Coaching

    Who I work with....

      As mentor, artist and musician, I have been working with clients from all walks of life for more than 30 years. A highly sensitive person I use my awareness, healing and creative skills to support you and teach you effective ways to nurture your learning and transformation. My services include classes, workshops, personal one-on-one VIP days and coaching programs.

      Balance & Wholeness: Awareness, Relaxation & Stress Reduction, Conscious Living, Alexander Technique

      Soul Calling & Courage:  Inspired Pathfinding & Business Creation through Body & Soul centered Coaching, combined with practical implementation.

      Skill & Training....

        My areas of study and training include: Alexander Technique teacher certification with 25 years of teaching experience, Life Coaching, Visual Art and Flute Performance - teaching and performing for more than 30 years - and Reiki Master and Meditation Practitioner of 30 years.

        Being immersed into sensory moments and the healing they bring, making art is a celebration of life and the many moods and textures that constantly shape and surround us. I have been an artist, and maker of things from as early as I can remember. Learning to play a musical instrument soon followed and both have been at the core of my life every since.

        As a multi media artist my main medium for the last 30 years have been painting on silk and photography. My work is inspired and nurtured by my lifelong practice of music, breath, awareness and movement.

        The joy that comes from being in close contact with the earth, experiencing nature’s essential elements and abundant gifts - balance, ebb & flow, rhythm & breath, color & sound - as well as the gift of tranquility, meditation, deep satisfaction and harmony, all this supports and creates my work.


          You are unique...


              Returning to Balance & Cultivating Ease - it is all about the process

                Making changes of any kind, or diligently working to develop a specialized skill to reach a particular goal is not easy. In fact it is easy to get stuck, make the same mistakes over and over again and get used to certain ways, until we don't notice them anymore and don't understand why we can't reach our goal. As classically trained musician and performing artist I know all about that, having had years of intensive training. A coach can see clearly what we often cannot see or hear ourselves, we are so busy trying.

                Working towards a new way of being, changing a habit, in your body, with yourself and others, or working towards a new way of sharing your gifts, following your calling, creating a passion project or a livelihood, are those types of skills and need that kind of support.

                As visual and performing artist, I know what it takes to follow a calling, bring an idea from start to finish, to remain inspired while mastering the rapids of doubts, resistance and often fear. I continue to practice AND seek the guidance of good teachers and mentors myself.

                I have learned from and continue to learn with excellent coaches, teachers and mentors such as Joan & Alex Murray, Elihu Genmyo Smith, Charlotte Joko Beck, Kendall Summerhawk, Sage Lavine, Sharon Desjarlais, Jeanna Gabellini and many more.


                Why coaching?


                    Sharing what I am living & learning, I support women & men how to reconnect with inner wisdom, transform fear and stagnation and combine gentleness with authentic action towards your heart's goal. I assist you to get out of your own way, create a plan, connect with inner guidance and combine practical steps with inspired implementation. That is why I have created Living Poise Coaching.