loba ChudakART
  • a form of neuromuscular re-education, a 'body-mind' practice to common problems such as stress, tension and pain
  • a toolbox for people who want to develop ease, efficiency and increase their overall wellbeing, including freedom of movement, focus and awareness, improved breathing, greater ease of ‍‍learning in general and specialized skills such as performing arts, dance & sports.
  • the A.T. offers effective means to work with and improve longstanding issues of chronic conditions, pain, particularly back, neck & structural issues, and transform ingrained patterns of overuse  
  • cultivates skills to improve movement and to support the process of aging gracefully
  • teaches you how to redirect your efforts towards greater balance, comfort and ease.
  • nurtures and deepens body/mind awareness, courage, fuller self expression and inspired living

Spaciousness & The Gift of Listening

Truly listening has the power to heal and this is something most of us have experienced. Being witnessed, being heard, receiving open and generous attention are moments of deep connection with our fellow humans, animals, beings, the world. It can gift us with a sense of openness, and help us find peace with where we are in this moment, lessening our sense of struggle.

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The Art of Aging Gracefully

Lengthening and widening is our innate way of being, no matter what age. If it is not true for you at this time, it is within you. As a part of you, it is your natural way of functioning and accessible to you always, no matter what age or state of health you are in.

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Balance & Ease with the Alexander Technique

    An initial introductory appointment gets you started. Ongoing program packages are available, as well as introductory small group workshops.Get to know each other, experience the work and see for yourself if this method can support you in your goals.

    Ready to begin? Wonderful, I look forward to taking with you!

    What is the Alexander Technique....

      You would like to....

      • bring more balance to your life, learn to slow down, relax and better take care of yourself and your needs
      • improve coordination, overall wellness and vitality
      • confidence and ease in daily living
      • address back pain, neck tension, knee or hip pain, and improve longstanding movement & structural challenges?
      • improve flexibility and stability of movement as you age
      • manage stress, pain or anxiety and nurture a deeper awareness so you can handle life challenges with more calm
      • you spend long hours at your desk and computer and want to better manage neck, back and shoulder tension.
      • as an avid learner, you love to make the most of yourself and your abilities, are curious and excited to learn new things: you might be surprised to discover a whole new layer of body/mind awareness!

      "After a year of working with Loba, I continue to improve in so many ways.  The Technique, especially as applied by Loba, is very effective and liberating.”

      Carol Miller, retired teacher

      "Having taken Alexander lessons from Loba Chudak I was surprised to notice after about half a year of weekly lessons that the way I did simple things, how I moved, had fundamentally changed.  Instead of rather quick, violent, jerky motions, I was moving in a slower, more fluid fashion with less attendant stress and anxiety.  I can attribute this change only to the surprising effectiveness of the Alexander Technique.

      The Technique quickly breaks the habit of reacting to external and internal events in panic or with anger and allows appropriate responses to be chosen. I found Loba to be a skilled & caring instructor."

      Fred Lawrence, Prof. Emeritus of Engineering, UIUC

      "When I first began working with Loba I was experiencing anxiety, mild depression, pain due to a neck injury and tennis elbow. Through her program I have gained a new awareness for how I am using my body throughout the day. I have learned to respond in new ways, releasing tension, making changes and improvements in the moment.

      The pain in my elbow cleared up very quickly and the improvements in my tennis and golf game are remarkable. The increase in choices and my understanding of them have greatly improved my quality of life, my interactions with others, as well as my overall physical and mental health."

      Nancy Dankle, Marketing Expert

      What other people say

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        Awaken your Senses - Refine your Awareness - Move with Ease

      Be in touch with yourself to create a strong basis for wellness

        What it can it help with:

          • aging - skillfully work with physical changes as you age. Improve balance, range of motion  and restore confidence as you regain stability and move with more ease.
          • spending long hours working at desks and computers you want to improve the way you sit and reduce the attendant stress, neck and back tension.
          • habitual patterns of overuse, reduce back pain and structural challenges, chronic conditions, back, neck, shoulders, hip & knee issues.
          • incorporate awareness into your daily life, learn to relax, slow down and improve your ability to stop to take care of yourself
          • reliably access your place of equilibrium, efficiency, and balance in your tennis game, golf swing or any other sports activity. Tweak your skill and maintain your performance at a high level.
          • as a musician, reduce, prevent and reverse repetitive strain injuries, improve your daily practice towards greater efficiency, and work with performance related stress & anxiety,

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            Locations: In Person Sessions & Workshops are offered in the following areas

            Champaign & Springfield, IL

            Door County, WI

            Bremgarten & Zurich, Switzerland

            Hamburg, Germany



                Locations/ Getting Started

                  Restorative Movement

                  Balance, Flexibility, Stability

                  Relaxation Restoration

                  Awareness & Mindfulness

                  Pain Reduction

                  Graceful Aging

                  Calm, Confidence, Focus

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                    Hi, I am so glad you stopped by. ‍

                    This page gives you a brief introduction to the Alexander Technique and how it might help you. Further down you will find the locations I am serving, how you can work with me, and how to get in touch. Thank you for your interest,

                    Introductory Appointment:

                      A grouping of 6 appointments guides you to deepen and nurture your ability to relax, connect with your body and begin to to understand the relationship of your body mind connection. With an emphasis on how you use your body as a whole and the impact on your musculature, movement and state of mind, you will begin to cultivate a new body awareness. You will learn and apply tools to deal with pain and nurture a more balanced way of being in your body throughout your day.

                      Restore Balance Course

                        Closing the gap between the idea of bringing more awareness to your every day life and the challenge of creating the space in your body, mind and environment to make it happen.

                        Ongoing support and inspiration to continue to nurture a transformation towards more balance, equilibrium and ease. Develop the inner mental & emotional space, steadiness and presence to lessen the impact of stress, so you can meet the demands and challenges of your life with more skill, ease and equilibrium. Putting less strain on yourself you will deepen your access to your problem solving skills and cultivate a new way of being present with yourself and others. Meet old habits with a new skill set, access new choices and restore spaciousness in your life.

                        Stress Reduction Program

                          Stress Reduction - Relaxation - Mindfulness Coaching.

                            Body Learning one-on-one

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                              One-on-One Coaching via Telephone/Skype

                                Nurture Balance Rose
                                Embody Balance