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Painted Silk Chiffon

Chiffon Silk Scarves

All scarves are designed and hand painted by me. They come in many varieties, colors, styles and sizes. To view more styles go back to top menu options. Chiffon Silk is very light weight and airy, with a beautiful drape to it.

The 2 sizes available on this page are:  medium length 12'x60'

Care for your Scarf:

The silk is washable. Hand wash with mild soap and let air dry. Ironing is fine, with a skilled hand you can use the steam setting.


Purple Swirls

medium length $70.

Periwinkle Swirls

medium length $70.

Blue Swirls

maxi length $80.

Zig Zag Purple  

medium length $70.

Red & Black Swirls

medium length $70.

Berry Swirls

medium length $70.

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Light & Airy as a Breeze - Chiffon Silk Swirls

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Teal Circles

medium length $70.

Purple Circles

medium length $70.

Seafoam Purple Circles

medium length $70.


Chiffon Silk Scarf 15''x60''



Chiffon Silk Scarf 15''x60''


As light and airy as a breeze - touch & lightness. Find joy in the simple and the subtle, pause for a moment of breathing and being touched by the delicate movement of a light summer breeze.

Chiffon Silk

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