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The 'Earth Dance' Art Card Series is a collection of my work in the visual and performing arts. The pieces are a fusion of my work as painter & flutist, a visual expression of my musical compositions.

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My art is an invitation to find, appreciate, and nurture beauty. As both visual and performing artist & flutist, I am at home in the world of sound, color and movement.  Like music, my visual art is an offering to inspire, nurture, and calm. With their vibrational presence my pieces offer a unique support that brings beauty and harmonious energy into your life and provides an anchor to energize, ground and uplift you.

Wear it in your day to feel beauty, and to surround yourself with harmony, clarity, joy, courage and inspiration.


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IMG 7740
IMG 7745
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I am excited to share my silk art with you. I hope it inspires you as much is it does me. I am so happy this medium found me.


One-of-a-kind Silk Scarves & Shawls

infused with vitality, movement & healing to uplift, nurture & inspire

Earth Dance Art Card Series

HEart nurture