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I am Loba Chudak, flutist, teacher, performer & teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique.

I have been teaching and performing for more than 30 years, formerly with the Philharmonic Orchestra at the Opera in Hamburg, Germany, where I had the good fortune of experiencing orchestral performance hands on. My studies in flute performance and music pedagogy at the Music School at the University of Hamburg lead me to first take lessons in the Alexander Technique to help manage my own challenges as a performer, quickly followed by the decision to become a certified teacher myself, which brought me to the US.

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Children & Adults - Beginners & Advanced

I work with all ages and skill levels, and also welcome beginning adults. Lessons are available in 45 minute and 60 minute intervals. I teach the concert flute, recorder and native flute.

Beginners - Adults

Maybe you have always wanted to learn the flute but did not have a chance yet. Or you once began and would like to come back to it. Maybe you are seeking to bring something new into your life, to make music or a time to nurture yourself. As a beginning adult flute learner you can enjoy the benefit of mindful and deep breathing in a different way than a young person can. Spend time with your instrument as a way to bring mindfulness to your life & deepen your awareness practice. Learn to broaden your listening skills and open to the beautiful world of sound creation - become aware of the many layers of resonance in your body, your soul, your whole being, receive the gift of sound that heals and uplifts.


I have been performing and teaching flute for more than 30 years to students of all ages - from as young as 4 years to advanced students and beginning adults - at music schools, in University settings and in my private studio. With a degree in flute performance and music pedagogy from the University of Hamburg and several years of performance practice with the Philharmonic Orchestra at the Opera in Hamburg Germany, I bring to you a wide range and combination of skills and experience. I greatly enjoy the process of teaching and sharing the enjoyment of music making with my students, no matter what age and skill level.

In addition I am happy to be able to offer you the added benefit of the Alexander Technique. As a mind body practice it enables a person to come into greater ease while playing their instrument. It reduces unnecessary tension, restores natural poise, breathing, coordination and efficiency. Many people are using the Technique to overcome longstanding physical, technical & mental performance challenges, tweak their skill and heighten their performance edge.

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‍‍‍‍‍‍Le‍‍‍arning to play a musical instrument is a fu‍‍‍ndamental skill that goes beyond the music itself. It nurtures our ability for learning in general. It broadens our scope and makes us more receptive to assimilating information and putting it into action. From my perspective as Alexander Technique teacher I am interested in passing on the joy of learning - understanding connections, organizing thinking, harmonizing breathing and movement, so they can come together into a well functioning whole. I welcome all age groups and levels. It is a wonderful process and never too late to discover new sides of yourself.

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Beginners - Children

A child can start flute lessons on the recorder as early as 4 or 5 year of age. Movement, dancing, singing, basic music skills, reading notes and learning rhythm are all part of the lesson. Starting the concert flute is determined by overall strength and lung capacity and begins anywhere from 8 to 11 years of age depending on the child.

Less‍‍‍on Location: Champaign, IL

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Flute Immersion Summer Sessions:

Get ahead on your instrument, learn in depth, and enjoy playing the flute all over again, or finally start the instrument you have been dreaming about playing.

Tackle some of your challenges, up your game or learn a new skill :-)

For youngsters, advanced students & beginning/continuing adults

Flute Lesson Skill, Fun & Expertise - Learn from a Pro! (Orchestral performance with a professional orchestra at the philharmonic orchestra at the Opera in Hamburg Germany, a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique with more than 20 years teaching experience and a long time flute teacher of all ages and levels.)

  • How beautiful do you want your sound to be? - breath & sound control with ease
  • Fast fingers with ease - how smart practicing helps you tackle even the most difficult passages and saves you many hours of wasted effort!
  • Body-Mind-Unity, above all, Your body is your instrument! - resonance and the skill of sound color
  • Manage performance anxiety‍‍‍ or stress in your daily life by connecting with your instrument in a whole new way

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