Rescheduling flute lessons within your ongoing course:


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‍‍‍Cancellation Policy‍‍‍

The following is my standard policy regarding any type of appointment, including:

Alexander Technique, ‍‍‍Coaching &‍‍‍ Flute lessons.

Rescheduling a flute appointment can be done within the same month and with 48 hour notice. Unused lesson will not carry over to following months.

Lessons will be scheduled close together at times, such as twice a week, to support accelerated learning when needed or appropriate, as well as accommodate schedule requirements during holidays and travels.

More details about scheduling ongoing flute lessons are available at your first appointment.

Your appointment time has been reserved especially for you.

A 48 hour notice is required by e-mail & text message should you need to reschedule.

Appointments missed without prior notice or late notice (later than 48 hours), will not be refunded.  Notify me via e-mail & text message 48 hours prior to your appointment and your deposit will be applied to your re-sched‍‍‍uled session. It is your responsibility to confirm that I have received the message within the designated time frame.

Thank you !

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