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About Loba Chudak

Loba Chudak is an artist, life balance & soul vision/livelihood mentor. She works with women, sensitive souls and those who long to bring more balance and harmony back into their life, create from the heart, and strive to manifest their dreams and life vision.

As visual & performing artist, AmSAT certified teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique and coach she has worked with people from all walks of life for more than 30 years.

With creative approaches, compassionate listening, proven practices and practical steps, she inspires their courage and strengthens their ability to create steady progress towards realizing their hearts goals.  ‍ Her private coaching and seminars allow women to outgrow self-imposed limits, transform drama & pain and move into more confidence,  joy and inner peace: Moving forward saying YES to themselves, renewing their passion and embodying their purpose - the projects, lives &  business they desire to create.

Client Voices

You would like to...

  • reduce tension and better manage stress
  • feel more confident and comfortable with yourself
  • nurture and cultivate a new form of self care
  • bring more ease, inner peace and harmony to your life
  • find your joy and express it
  • stay in touch with yourself and aware of what you truly need
  • take your self care to the next level: deepen awareness and refine your skills to aid you in making stronger choices for yourself, that are rooted in a deep connection to your inner wisdom and truth

This is for you if...

  • it is difficult for you to slow down, make room for yourself and connect with what nurtures you
  • you feel challenged to implement the changes needed it in a way that really works and supports you
  • you want to close the gap between the idea of bringing more awareness to your every day life and the challenge of creating the space in your body, mind and environment to make it happen


A place of quiet strength and flow. A way of staying connected with your body, in harmony with yourself, at ease with people and skilled with the challenging moments of life. Clarity for accessing the intuitive knowing of your life for how to respond, what to do next and the confidence to take care of what is true and needed - for yourself and others.

How can you embody these qualities when your days are full and you are used to working yourself hard and taking care of everybody else but yourself?

Is this you? ...

Various forms of stress, tension in the body, feelings of overwhelm, feeling pushed, rushed, out of time, ideas and comfort are present and take up much of your energy and attention. There may be pain or anxiety, or an underlying sense of dissatisfaction, the worry of a body that feels taxed and out of balance, maybe a sense of urgency, or a feeling for the need to change, or just a steady longing for something you know is possible.

Return to Your Inner Well - Your Capacity for Spaciousness, Joy, Ease & Creativity

Along with our inborn function to give, take charge, protect and sometimes fight for what is needed - we have in equal measures the potential to be clear, calm and deeply centered. In the busy times of many of our lives, pushing hard, overextending and either fighting for or defending against something we don't want, can easily become a way of being that gets over used. The result is a feeling of stress, being out of balance, loss of connection with your true needs, maybe even as sense of emptiness and a variety of physical & emotional challenges.

Cultivating Spaciousness & Ease

Spaciousness & ease are qualities that are innately ours, yet they do need to be cultivated. Just like anything else we do, our skill improves with practice.

So we can ask ourselves what is it we practice? In the midst of life going strong, feeling pushed, pulled or overwhelmed, it is natural to feel frustrated, fearful, tired, etc. and live our life accordingly, from a more contracted vantage point.

But what if handling moments of stress, doubt, pain and concern could be done with a whole different set of skills, qualities that are already a part of you but need nurturing, clear direction and practice?

Embody  Balance

Come Home to  Yourself

My work with Loba in her women’s programs and one on one retreats over an extended period of time has impacted my life profoundly.  After spending just a short amount of time with Loba I feel peaceful and at ease, after an extended period of time I feel transformed inside and out. The level of self care that Loba teaches and lives has been tremendously valuable for me. Aspiring towards a life of balance and deeper self care, I will be forever grateful to Loba for her support and guidance. As I continue to learn my life that is most certainly poised for success!

Siobhain Dobrovolny

I come from a life of difficulty and challenge. When I began coaching with Loba I had a deep desire to make a better life, change my attitude toward myself and others. I wanted to be healthy and more balanced in all aspects of my life. It was hard for me to be positive, to believe in myself and to trust that I could do something about it and change. The work and Loba’s guidance have been deeply transformative, taking me from a place of a lot of anger and feeling victimized to embracing the idea that there is space for me, my existence is good and that I have the right to thrive. I have quit smoking! and my emotions have become more stable. I am experiencing more clarity and trust around setting goals for myself, including working with my finances.

Jodi R., Student

Life Balance Coaching

In this way I offer ongoing support and inspiration to continue to nurture a transformation towards more balance, equilibrium and ease. Develop the inner mental & emotional space, steadiness and presence to lessen the impact of stress, so you can meet the demands and challenges of your life with more skill, ease and equilibrium. Putting less strain on yourself you will deepen your access to your problem solving skills and cultivate a new way of being present with yourself and others. Meet old habits with a new skill set, access new choices and restore spaciousness in your life.

Yes, I want more Ease in my Life!

Contact me for a FREE conversation. Enjoy a moment of being heard & seen. Restore spaciousness and bring clarity to your life. Whether you choose to continue on your own or work together, be assured, there is no obligation.

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Embody  Balance

Come Home to  Yourself

Nurture Awareness - Stay Connected - Renew Joy - Find more Ease

Stress Reduction - Relaxation - Life Balance Coaching.

Embody Balance

It assists you to:

  • relax your body and calm a busy/worried mind
  • deepen awareness for your true needs and your ability to meet those needs
  • take care of what is needed, possible and skillful for YOU
  • nurture presence and awareness, respond with more equilibrium and ease
  • move through challenges of pain, stress & anxiety better equipped
  • manage and reduce stress and feelings of overwhelm
  • shift perspective through body presence for creative problem solving
  • tap into your potential for joy, clarity and appreciation for your gifts
  • create with greater ease and experience flow in your day
  • connect with intuition and inspiration to create from a place of centeredness, gentle knowing and ease - your base for doing anything!
  • feel your joy and connect with your passion to create what your heart is calling you to do