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You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not’?

— George Bernard Shaw

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Welcome to the Face Mask Collection

About  Pricing:

There is a wide variety of home made masks and price ranges currently available. To help you understand my pricing I would like to share a few facts with you. As artist, I strive to create beautiful and high quality items. Decades of my art and design practice go into every piece I make, and at the same time I am also trying to be fair to everyone, myself and you, the customer. The cost of the materials, my overhead such as work space, processing fees etc., my skill and time in producing the patterns and the product itself make up the price. While these masks are not on the cheap end, they are also not on the high end of the price range either. The masks are $18. each, buy 3 or more and they are $15 each, as a thank you to you.

As a last thought I would like to share that my livelihood as bodywork practitioner, (teacher of the Alexander Technique), life coach and artist have come to a stop in the current crisis, so I am inventing and investing in new ways to create a livelihood. Thank you.

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Following is the catalogue of Face Masks, designed & handmade by me, in Illinois, from double layered 100% Cotton fabrics and some mixed fiber materials. The masks are washable and some are also reversible.  

IMG 9453
IMG 9454
IMG 9455
IMG 9456

'Sunny' - $18.

'Brittney' - $18.

'Elli' - $18.

'Carla' - $18.

I am continuing to create new designs and make more masks. I will be posting them here. Men's styles will be posted this week.

Talk soon!

You can find more of my art, also available for sale, under the ART tab in the menu above. Enjoy browsing and let me know if  you have any questions. Thank you so much for your interest!

Ordering: if there is something you see here but it seems to be out of stock, or have a request for a particular color choice please contact me by sending a message to [email protected]

Price per mask: The Masks are $18 each, buy 4 or more are $15 each (Kitty Masks are excluded from the discount). Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

Men's styles are coming this week. As I am continuously creating new styles and posting them here, please check back.Thank you!

IMG 9478
IMG 9479
IMG 9480
IMG 9481

'Guido' - $18.

'Rose' - $18.

IMG 9482
IMG 9483
IMG 9484

'Viola' - $18.

'Heidi' - $18.

IMG 9491
IMG 9485
IMG 9487
IMG 9488
IMG 9489

'Kelly' - $18.

'Lynn' - $18.

Sold out - sorry this style is no longer available

IMG 9543
IMG 9544
IMG 9545

'Sandra' - 2 in one - reversible mask $20.

IMG 9548
IMG 9549
IMG 9550

'Fritz' - 2 in one - reversible mask $20.

IMG 9553

'Jean' - 2 in one - reversible mask $20.

IMG 9557
IMG 9558
IMG 9559

'Helen' - $18.

IMG 9564

Place a custom order for 'Kitty' the hand painted face mask - $20.


'Rosenka' - $18.


Ordering 4 or more masks

  • Choose from the styles on this page
  • Select the number of masks you would like to order in the drop down menu of this Paypal button
  • During checkout there is a field to include a note with the mask names of your choice

Bulk Order - place it here:

Kitty Mask