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Hand  Painted Silk



About my Work

Earth  Dance


My art is manifold. Nature, movement, sound, texture, light and color, all this is at the core of creating my art and allowing the creative to take form.

I deeply enjoy the flow, color and texture in sound, movement, and form and am grateful to the teaching of ebb and flow, assembling and dis-assembling forms through all the expressions of life in it's realms and elements.

All related and fertilizer to each other, my visual art is inspired by my profession as musician, life balance & healing movement coach.

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I am excited to share some new collections in the studio, check back as they will be released through the coming months. To stay connected you can follow me on Instagram.

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Coming In June -

Blossom Series


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Girlfriend jackets2

Coming soon!

1 PetalsonCanvas

Blossom Series - Canvas Collection


Breath Breathing Sound, Breathing Movement, Dancing Color...

Early on in my life as a musician and visual artist I was led to discover silk as the most fitting medium. It allows the translation of sound into the movement of the paint, the brush, the whole person: movement from the core extending out. So does silk, it’s rich and luscious texture receives and activates the colors that come together into a moment celebrating the deep texture of life.

Enchanted Florals - The Love of Flowers

I can't help but see and be delighted by them to no end. Their subtle energies, delicious, most exquisite presence and variety of expression are a constant wonder, nurturance and inspiration to me. Here are some flowers painted on silk to be wrapped around you.

New Designs

Moving forward not knowing what is next, giving up control, responding to this moment in unexpected ways, dancing and flowing with color and the movement of the brush another form of making music.

Nature, Movement, Sound & Color

The 'Earth Dance' Series is a collection of my work in the visual and performing arts. The pieces are inspired by nature, nature's elements and are a visual expression of the music I love and have performed.


CerEmonial Shawls

Art Cards