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The Masks are handmade from scratch with

  • double layered cotton fabrics (with a few exceptions, when I use outdoor fabric for the outer layer for the mask for UV protection).
  • I use a comfortable soft elastic worn behind your ears which you can adjust to best fit you.
  • Each mask has a nose wire sewn in place that allows you to fit the mask snug over the bridge of your nose and helps to reduce steaming up your glasses.

They are $18.50 each, buy 4 or more they are $15 each, plus tax. Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

Ordering Masks

  • Choose from the styles on this page
  • Select the number of masks you would like to order in the drop down menu of this Paypal button
  • Fill in the mask names of your choice

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Hello & Welcome.

Following is the catalogue of Face Masks, designed & handmade by me, in Illinois, from double layered 100% Cotton fabrics and some mixed fiber materials. The masks are washable and some are also reversible.

Enjoy browsing, for questions please contact me at [email protected]

IMG 0261
IMG 0263
IMG 0264
IMG 0265
IMG 0266
IMG 0267
IMG 0270
IMG 0277
IMG 0282

I continue to create new designs and make more masks, and will be posting them here.

If you are interested in my other art work, Hand Paint Silk - Soulful Empowerment Anchor Shawls, please check it out here.

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IMG 0455
IMG 0274
IMG 0457
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IMG 0460
IMG 0465
IMG 0272
Mask Style Names

Hand made in Illinois

IMG 2931
IMG 0262
IMG 2934
IMG 2933
IMG 2937
IMG 0281
IMG 2940
IMG 2939
IMG 2938

coming this week

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Fall Styles

IMG 7740
IMG 7745
IMG 5246
IMG 5247
IMG 5253
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Children's Masks

  • Children's masks are custom made and can be ordered as well, they are $15. each. I make them to fit the face according to the measurements you provide.
  • Measurements: take a thread and measure the distance from A - tip of nose to the beginning of the ear B - middle of the nose bridge to below the chin. Children's fabrics will be posed at the bottom of this page, or you can contact me here.