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Loba Chudak

Like music color has the power to nurture, calm or stimulate, as well as infuse you and your surroundings with energy, healing support and inspiration.

Color connects on many levels, we can use it to support our wellbeing and focus, set the tone for a conversation and enhance our appearance on camera and stage.

We each have colors that make us look radiant, compliment our skin tone, and hair color. Many are unsure about how to combine colors favorably, add in textures, shapes and accessories.

Whether you want to upgrade your professional look for Zoom meetings, find more joy in expressing yourself and your message, or want to support and anchor your intention, color is a beautiful aspect of life and will bring another dimension to how you live and create your business.

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Color Essence Consultation

Increase Vitality, Confidence & Joyful Ease through the Energy of your Personal Colors

Know & love your colors

  • learn your personal color palette, get aligned their support and healing energies for life and business
  • get clear about which colors lift you up and let you glow, and which ones take you down, drown you out or make you look tired and old
  • allow color to nurture your senses, nurture flow, and rejuvenate you to stay connected with your inspired nature
  • discover the power of your personal colors for your businessget comfortable being seen and confident speaking on stage and on camera
  • enjoy to confidently and favorably combine your colors, add in textures, shapes, and accessories
  • lighten your kloset of the things you never wear and enjoy the freedom of knowing what works and what doesn't.

Included in the session is a custom scarf, infused with the most central intention for yourself and your business, designed and created by me following our session.

Color Essence Consultation

Seeing beauty inspires & connects

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