You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not’?

— George Bernard Shaw

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Manifestation Courage Program

Manifestation courage - create what you truly long for,

a project of your heart, your next step on your path in your life or career

Illuminate your Strength & Step into your Light

  • being visible and making yourself heard can be challenging for you ?
  • against your better judgment, you compare yourself with others and find your life falling short of the things you would love to see happening for yourself ?
  • you get discouraged and settle for less ?
  • you feel a desire to more fully embrace your calling, creative or otherwise and make room to express it ?
  • there is a nagging belief in you, that even with your best effort, it is difficult for you to get to where you wish you could be ?
  • you experience feeling awkward in social situations and  would describe yourself as sensitive ?
  • you feel as if others are holding you back and it is hard for you to step into your truth and live the integrity you know is calling you to move forward ?
  • maybe you experienced a lot of pain in your life, physical or emotional ?

- If I didn’t make it happen to this day, then what makes me think that I can ?
- What if the worst things that I believe about myself are true ?
- I have tried so many times and still I feel like I haven’t gotten anywhere.
- I have tried but it seems that other circumstances and people have more power over my life than I do.
- I am afraid I will fail again.

The mind is SUCH A POWERFUL aspect of our human functioning and there are so many ways in which we get distracted, discouraged and run with the habitual ways, let me put it this way, that our mind’ takes us for a ride.

It is sometimes very hard to trust and make your best effort when you feel like you have a lot of evidence that speaks to the contrary, the contrary being that:

Honing the skill of knowing your true self and what is really true for YOU can be a life long journey and a beautiful one, if you have the courage to make it a practice.

And, practicing can be very rewarding, deeply satisfying and joy bringing when done properly and skillfully.

As musician, artist and healer, teacher of the Alexander Technique and practitioner of Zen,  I know all about practicing and what it entails to maintain it and do something over and over again. My passion is to assist others in overcoming their stumbling blocks, instructing them on how to use the tools at their fingertips with joy, light heartedness and compassion. There IS possibility in YOUR life waiting for you to step into.
To take the courage and step forward can be scary, we have so many reasons why we hold on to what we know, what is familiar and seemingly safe. And yet, staying there we are not comfortable and so we search.

Some think they can do it all by themselves, but the blindspots always catch up with us in one way or another, it is a matter of time. That is why I believe in teachers. They can hold us as powerful when we cannot do so for ourselves, they can see our light and reflect it back to us when we only see the dark and support us in the continuity that is required, to make change real, possible and transformation attainable. I have been fortunate to have had many powerful teachers in my life and I still do. But the commitment is ours to make.

For those of you who wish to move forward and bring more light, ease and forward movement into their life,
I have created a program to outline a path of how to work with engrained, deep seated and often long standing habits of mind functioning, to assist you to:

- make changes to how you view, look at and clearly see the patterns that your mind engages in ( and consequently creates evidence, cause and effect in your life.)
how to consistently build the muscle of your ability to notice and catch the habit when it happens
strengthen and 'build in a pause response' and
engage with a chosen new and deliberate direction = ( thought/action ) of choice, that is specific and skillful to your life circumstance and aids in setting yourself on a different course.

An important distinction I want to make here: it is NOT about GETTING RID of anything ! thoughts, past etc. But about learning to HONE your SKILL of mind/body alignment and  NEW strength that allows you to:

A - Be aware of what you are doing ( mind/body doing) WHEN you are doing it

B - Get clear about what is REALLY TRUE for YOU and your life/ life purpose/ life wishes and not the thoughts and beliefs that have been dominating your thinking such as,
- what other people say or think or have said to you about what is or isn’t right for you
- what the negative or painful experiences in your life have lead you to believe
- or the things you have wanted to do, make happen but have not been able to yet

C - Organize yourself in how to go about setting your intention and engage with it daily

D - Lovingly and diligently meet the fears and judgements you hold against yourself and invite them to sit down with you, so you can have a close conversation with them. Having the courage to see them clearly they help guide you into what is underneath, your wisdom and true compassion for yourself ( & others)

E - In doing so you access your intuition and inner knowing evermore frequently and consistently, allowing you to
- better navigate the rapids of your life - times of transition, times of not knowing
- step more sure-footedly into the next chapters of your life
- deliberately manifest your dearest wishes.

Program Content

You will receive:
- 3 personal one-on-one coaching calls per month, 60 minutes each

- links to your recorded coaching sessions a day after your session

- e-mail support, for follow up and to share your successes

- handouts

- 2 bonus SOS calls, for intention setting support

My intention is to accurately represent my program and its potential. Legally I cannot make any guarantees about your results with any of my programs, information, or coaching. Testimonials are believed to be accurate but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each person’s results depend on their background, beliefs, consistent action, determination, and motivation.

Mind body alignment and how to work with yourself in an integrated mind/body way to support and manifest your goals.

In this Program you will learn how to

- implement a joyful approach to consistently live your life as a practice that guides, nurtures and supports your hearts deepest longing

Illuminate your Strength

Step into you Light

Share your Gifts

- How to work with your mind in a consistent and positive way to meet and redirect the powerful habit of negativity  
- find relief from the deep anxiety, that the worst things you believe about yourself are true

Module One

Module Two

Module Three

- learn about the elements and how to harness and integrate their wisdom & guidance into nurturing yourself and your goals on a daily basis

- learn and apply the tools of the ABC of intention and manifesting

Module Four


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