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From Indecision to Courage                            VIP-Day

What is holding you back, how is doubt, indecision and insecurity creating stagnation and painful procrastination in your life? Allow the wisdom of your innate design to connect you deeply into your most important assets, so you access your strength, feel the excitement of your true calling and begin to consistently take action in the direction of your hearts most pressing calling.

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About Loba Chudak

Loba Chudak is an artist, entrepreneur and a creative educator/coach.  She works with women, sensitive souls and those who long to bring more balance and harmony back into their life, create from the heart, and strive to manifest their dreams and life vision.

As a performing artist, intuitive healer and AmSAT certified teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique she has worked with people from all walks of life for more than 30 years.

With creative approaches, compassionate listening, proven practices and practical steps, she inspires their courage and strengthens their ability to create steady progress towards realizing their hearts goals.  ‍ Her private coaching and seminars allow women to outgrow self-imposed limits, transform drama & pain and move into more confidence,  joy and inner peace: Moving forward saying YES to themselves, renewing their passion and embodying their purpose - the projects, lives &  business they desire to create.

Hi, I am Loba. I help women and men move past doubt and stagnation to create a meaningful and fulfilling____________________, you fill in what it is for you.

A  project, a next step, or your soul centered livelihood?

THIS is the TIME, we are all in the throws of big changes and these times call for our courage and strength, that we all possess.  I have been an artist, entrepreneur & teacher for more than 30 years. I am committed to being in service of your true path.  

Nothing ever really gets clearer by waiting. What happens is, we churn, ask what is the 'right decision'. Meanwhile holding down the creative force that wants to move you forward, gives you heart ache, physical malaise and low life energy. Getting down, getting clouded, your mind and emotions suffer, your whole life suffers.

We all need support. Creating your project, business, or whatever it is you are desiring to create, takes courage, persistence, creativity, and consistent practice.

I am here to support your pathfinding through the narrow passages into the opening, the transformation from the inside out to live your authentic expression which, in it's ripple effect, supports all of us.

Empower your gifts - The WHY

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Business Mentorship Program

Love what you do & become profitable.

Everybody is amazing, everybody has a gift. You already embody your message and life lesson, clear the clutter of not knowing how and build your livelihood doing what you love and live for.

Do not abandon your highest vision, there is great joy in bringing it to life, you are needed NOW!

Combine the beautiful with the practical. Aligned with your soul calling bring both vitality and balance into the creation of your business.


Make Business Work

Get in the Flow  Program

Mindset, Balance, Productivity & Ease. Find your creativity, intuition & inspiration and cultivate your skill in relying on those qualities to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Strengthen your skills of resourcefulness and bring them to your business, daily life or your hearts desire. Manage stress, reduce pain, stay out of overwhelm, get unstuck and connect with your presence. Anchor and rest in sensory awareness and allow more ease and flow to be part of your every day. Bring a broader perspective to your daily task and cultivate a relaxed state of body and mind.

Learn the 5 essential tools stay out of efforting, enter flow and get more done.

1:1 private coaching.

Discover your innate design through your leading archetypes to support you in the uniqueness and complexity that you are and merge it into the authentic expression of your gifts, purpose and livelihood. Embracing your Key Gifts and Core Needs frees you to see your "problem" qualities as the assets they actually are. Instead of fighting them begin to allow them to support you in growing your business.

Activating your underused Key Gifts is a key in unlocking the potential inside of you that allows you to tap into your own natural source of energy, inspiration and joy to grow your business. Learn to enter your full capacity to find flow to create forward movement in your business as you show up to work each day.

You and Your Calling are unique. If you are to accomplish the fullest expression of your vision it is crucial to have the right vehicle for your purpose... the right form of your expression into your business structure. You likely have been frustrated with the way you have been doing business or see it done. To create satisfying and aligned success, it is essential to create your own business model that is fully aligned with you and your purpose.

Empower your gifts - The HOW

Harness the Power of your Archetypes & Color Essence for Clarity & Success

Discover your innate design based on the principles of your archetypes. Be it building your business, speaking with more confidence, or bringing your gifts and talents forward, express your message with clarity and in harmony with yourself, so you can shine naturally and effortlessly. These tools connect you with your most important assets and empower you to gracefully move forward.

Archetypes & Color Essence VIP-Day

This program supports you to create your offers, build your business structure, and deliver your service in alignment with your core gifts, strengths and style based on your archetypes.

Combining practical know how, grounded business sense and action, allows your unique voice & style to be expressed.

 One-one-one coaching, teaching modules, handouts accountability, success tracking support you in starting your business.
Soul Purpose Livelihood

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Color Essence Consultation

For Joy, Confidence & Ease

Color nurtures creativity, connects you with your inner wisdom, and empowers you to be seen.

Rejuvenate yourself to stay connected with your inspired nature, so you can cultivate more flow, allow joy to infuse your day and show up for yourself and your clients with presence and light.

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