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About Loba Chudak

Loba Chudak, is a life long artist, intuitive healer and entrepreneur. As soul vision mentor, life balance & awareness coach, she works with women, sensitive souls and those that are eager to express their lives vision and create from the heart.

With creative approaches, compassionate listening, proven practices and practical steps, she inspires their courage and strengthens their ability to create steady progress towards realizing their hearts goals.

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Her private coaching a‍‍‍nd seminars allow women to outgrow self-imposed limits, transform drama & pain and move into more confidence,  joy and inner peace: Moving forward saying YES to themselves, renewing their passion and embodying their purpose - the projects, lives &  business they desire to create.

Sound Painting Movement - My World

I have used my hands and materials from as early as I can remember, painting, making things, playing music, I have been an artist, musician and a maker of things all my life.

Today the joy that comes from being in close contact with the earth, experiencing nature’s essential elements and abundant gifts, moving, sensing and hearing sound - color, ebb & flow, rhythm & breath - as well as the gift of tranquility, meditation, deep satisfaction and harmony, all this supports and creates my work. My art is an invitation to take a moment and pause, to see, appreciate and be nurtured be the simple yet vast present. I extend this to you with the wish and hope to have your life be touched by a sense of deep renewal, satisfaction and joy.





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Art Cards

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Loba Chudak

Flutist & Multi Media Artist

Early on in my life as a musician and I was led to discover silk as the most fitting medium. It allows the translation of sound into the movement of the paint, the brush, the whole person: movement from the core extending out - breath breathing sound, breathing movement, dancing color. So does silk, it’s rich and luscious texture receives and activates the colors that come together into a moment celebrating the deep texture of life.Thus my desire to paint is fueled and supported by my life as a flutist working with the breath, the basic vehicle of my work. Painting with the sensibility of a musician, an abstract visual expression becomes another form of music making, improvising, exploring rhythm, flow and texture of sound.

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