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You would like to...

  • learn new ways of eating healthy and make changes to your diet in a balanced and enjoyable fashion
  • be re-inspired about preparing nutritious & tasty food to take better care of yourself in the midst of managing a challenging life transition
  • re-think what is most needed and supportive to you at this time and learn about food combining & balancing for better energy, emotional support and stress management
  • learning about new foods & ingredients and incorporate them into your shopping, meal planning & preparation
  • reducing the craving for sugar
  • transitioning into a diet containing less gluten, simple carbs & sugar
  • making sweet treats less sweet and developing the taste and flavor for satisfying alternatives

This is a hands-on workshop. This Two-Part Series includes:

  • Preparing and enjoying food together, including bringing attention to:
  • Seasonal Eating - what the season calls for in our bodies
  • Breakfast Variety - new ways to make your most important meal of the day interesting
  • Lunch & Diner Variety
  • Return to the enjoyment of food preparation and mindful eating with pleasure & presence particularly for single households
  • You will learn about tasty ingredients, making healthy and tasty sauces & dressings, creating breakfast variety, lunch meals, food to prepare in advance for work,  and deserts
  • Food education, meal planning & recipe ideas

Check List: Do you find yourself in any of the following descriptions?


  • have tried to eat better but it has been difficult to maintain?
  • are interested in learning to include healthy and new to you foods in your diet?
  • struggle with sugar cravings and low energy particularly in the afternoon?
  • feel discouraged about giving up some of the things you crave or love to eat?
  • have already made some changes to what you eat but are new to it and would like to add more variety?
  • are hesitant about incorporating new foods because you are not sure how to prepare them?  
  • have been dealing with food challenges and want to make changes because of allergies?  
  • midlife has given you pause in terms of what you don’t seem to be able to get away with anymore?
  • like the idea of improving your overall balance and sense of well being but haven't had time to address it?
  • are tired of thinking about weight and want to come back to enjoying food in a more balanced way without the stress of counting calories?

Even if you recently had to eliminate a beloved food from your list

We sometimes forget the abundance of variety when faced with changes in our eating habits

Make healthy eating fun again and incorporate a heathy, energy-promoting diet into everyday living.

Expand your repertoire of tasty and energy promoting foods, that are easy to prepare.

Two part series - February 3rd & 9th 2019

Delicious & flavorful foods for enjoyment, balance & energy and how to incorporate them into everyday living

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This curriculum is also offered as a VIP day, and a personal one-on-one coaching program. Contact me to learn more.

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Nutrition with Balance for Busy People

Feed your Soul Fresh, Tasty & Easy

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Eating in ways that support your energy throughout the day, and give your body a chance to recalibrate and restore does not have to be a chore !

Workshop Two-Part Series

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Sunday February 3rd, 2-5 &
Saturday February 9th, 2-5

Space is limited!


Nutrition with Balance for Busy People

Feed your Soul Fresh, Tasty & Easy