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About Loba Chudak

Loba Chudak, is a life long artist, intuitive healer and entrepreneur.

As soul vision mentor, life balance & awareness coach, she works with women, sensitive souls and those that are eager to express their lives vision and create from the heart.

With creative approaches, compassionate listening, proven practices and practical steps, she inspires their courage and strengthens their ability to create steady progress towards realizing their hearts goals.  ‍

Her private coaching and seminars allow women to outgrow self-imposed limits, transform drama & pain and move into more confidence,  joy and inner peace: Moving forward saying YES to themselves, renewing their passion and embodying their purpose - the projects, lives &  business they desire to create.

Gift yourself a Moment‍‍‍

Steps and F‍‍‍oundations for following your True Calling


Your Dream is Waiting  patiently - ‍‍‍Bring it to Life

Welcome - ‍‍‍Life & Business

Illumina‍‍‍te - Embody - Create

Listen into the quiet spaces of your heart

‍‍‍Living Poise - The‍‍‍ Colour of Life

with Loba Chudak

Soulful Balance, Life &‍‍‍ Business

Poised for Success Women

follow your heart - Live your True Calling

When self doubts, feelings of overwhelm and inner criticism put your otherwise passionate nature into crisis, you suffer, leading you from stagnating to retreating and questioning your hearts longing. This can sometimes go on for too long, as deep within you feel you are not following through on something essential and still you know that you must follow it...‍‍‍

Your Callin‍‍‍g & ‍‍‍Your Foundation

‍‍‍Tim‍‍‍ing, Intention & Feminine Ease

‍‍‍ Illuminate your Strength      Step into your Light

Illuminate your Strength, Cultivate Courage, Clarity and your Connection with your Intuitive Wisdom Allow your Light to Shine‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Create with feminine ease and Sync your Creation Energy with Rhythm of the ‍‍Moon. 'Plant your seed' at the begin‍‍‍ning of a 30 day cycle to bring your next idea, wish or project into your awareness, and nurture them into fruition.

Trust your nudges, take your next steps in following your dream and‍‍‍ build your Foundation

Starting September


Contact me for a FREE 30 minute get-acquainted conversation.

Enjoy a moment of being heard & seen to help you bring a new spaciousness and clarity to your life, wether or not you con‍‍‍tinue on your own, or choose to work together, be assured there is no obligation.

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