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About Loba Chudak

Loba Chudak, is a life long artist, intuitive healer and entrepreneur.

As soul vision mentor, life balance & awareness coach, she works with women, sensitive souls and those that are eager to express their lives vision and create from the heart.

With creative approaches, compassionate listening, proven practices and practical steps, she inspires their courage and strengthens their ability to create steady progress towards realizing their hearts goals.  ‍

Her private coaching and seminars allow women to outgrow self-imposed limits, transform drama & pain and move into more confidence,  joy and inner peace: Moving forward saying YES to themselves, renewing their passion and embodying their purpose - the projects, lives &  business they desire to create.

Client Voices


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What it would be like to...

  • manage stress in a different way
  • relax more often
  • recognize & appreciate all that you do and make time for yourself without guilt
  • learn to effectively manage neck, back, shoulder discomfort & headaches
  • stay centered in the midst of challenging situations and choose ease more often
  • embrace new facets of listening for what you truly need
  • declutter inside and out
  • to feel calmer as you deepen your awareness and rest in your body
  • consistently make stronger choices for yourself, that are rooted in a deep connection to your inner wisdom and truth

Reduce pain, manage stress, relieve anxiety, return to joy and the ease to create!

  • You are in need of quiet time, a break, restoration and even inspiration, so you can better take care of what you truly need and focus on what is important to you
  • You often experience neck, back pain and headaches and have tried other approaches to deal with it
  • It is difficult for you to slow down or tolerate the quiet, because you are accustomed to a fast pace
  • You often take care of others but don't often make room for yourself
  • You feel challenged to implement changes in a way that really works for you ‍‍
  • You love ‍what you do, yet being accustomed to pushing yourself you can be hard on yourself and find it difficult to connect with what nurtures you to restore the energy needed to keep going

A feminine approach to returning to more ease and harmony in your life by supporting relaxation, stress reduction and trust through deepening sensory awareness, intuition, kind attention, and compassion with yourself, For WOMEN WHO DO TOO MUCH

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Loba Chudak

Balance, Vision & Soul

Living Poise Coaching & Art

Is this you?

A grouping of 6 appointments guides you to deepen and nurture your ability to relax, connect with your body and begin to understand the relationship of your body mind connection. With an emphasis on how you use your body as a whole and the impact on your musculature, movement and state of mind, you will begin to cultivate a new body awareness. You will learn and apply tools to deal with pain and nurture a more balanced way of being in your body throughout your day. Learn to manage the challenges of pain, stress and aging with skill, compassion and an open state of mind.

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  • Body Balance Basics Preparation Package to clarify your goals and get the most out of your learning.
  • Six 60 minute sessions taylored to your individual needs and goals
  • Email access to me between sessions
  • One on site session at the location of your choice (your home or office to fine-tune your learning and application)
  • Valuable handouts and session summaries
  • One follow up phone session to bring your results forward into your life

What's included

  • slow down and cultivate inner peace and harmony in your life
  • enliven your presence and choose ease more often
  • embrace new facets of listening for what you truly need
  • implement effective & inspiring tools to take your self care to the next level
  • deepen awareness and refine your sensory perception to aid you in making stronger choices for yourself, that are rooted in a deep connection to your inner wisdom and truth

What's in store for you

Body Balance, Mindfulness & Stress Reduction

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Mentoring to cultivate a Calmer-You

Nourish Spaciousness, Cultivate Presence & Ease

Educational Bodywork & Coaching for

Relaxation, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction -

Holistic Life Style Change, Harmony & Balance

these are intensely challenging times, now more than ever, most of us need refreshment, pause and a quiet place to land. You may be experiencing more than usual stress, or have been dealing with tension and pain over an extended period of time, to the point where comfort and ease have become a rare commodity and seem like a far away place?

And yet you have the inborn ability to be spacious, open and at ease, even in the midst of challenges. This ability may have gotten lost and covered up by pain, worries and life’s demand, yet it is still a vital part of your being and awaiting your attention to be accessed and restored.

I invite you to take heart and reconnect with what is deeply inscribed in your being: your ability to receive nurturing, to be open and spacious, and live with more ease. Are you willing to pause ?

Dear friend,

"To have the experience of extended one on one time with Loba Chudak by enrolling in one of her retreats or programs is the most precious gift you can give to yourself. My work with Loba over an extended period of time has impacted my life profoundly. After spending just a short amount of time with Loba I feel peaceful and at ease, after an extended period of time I feel transformed inside and out.The level of self care that Loba teaches and lives has been tremendously valuable for me. Aspiring towards a life of balance and deeper self care, I will be forever grateful to Loba for her support and guidance."

Siobhain Dobrovolny

Working with Loba Chudak, has empowered me to take back control of the things important to me. Her work with me has been inspiring and deeply transformative.

I first started seeing Loba with the hope of finding relief from my long standing neck and back pain which was slowly taking control of my life. The techniques of her practice, starting with the first session produced amazing results. I am learning to use myself in ways that support me. My neck and back pain are minimal or non-existent.

I’ve experienced chronic fatigue for years. Loba’s work has guided me to a deeper understanding of the connection between the spiritual and physical. I have been introduced to techniques for deep relaxation as well as strengthening and centering, that have made a real difference in how I process fatigue and stress.

J. L. Lattimore

Clients are saying:

"I was giving up in the war against my body; that’s how it felt.  The pain of chronic conditions had really knocked me down, then a severe injury caused everything to get worse suddenly.  Loba to the rescue!  After 3 months of working with Loba, I am remarkably better in so many ways.  I am learning how to use my whole self in ways that encourage space; in that space, I am growing.

At my first lesson, pain made it extremely difficult to walk or stand, and my attitude was close to despair.  Loba gently worked to help me move in different ways, to release tension that was adding to the pain, and to trust myself to let go.  As the physical pain has lessened, she has opened up so many opportunities to change in other ways.  I am fully committed to this new path of using myself well.

Carol Miller, retired teacher

"After a year of working with Loba, I continue to improve in so many ways.  The Technique, especially as applied by Loba, is very effective and liberating.”

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