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The joy that comes from being in close contact with the earth, experiencing nature’s essential elements and abundant gifts, moving, sensing and hearing sound - color, ebb & flow, rhythm & breath - as well as the gift of tranquility, meditation, deep satisfaction and harmony, all this supports and creates my work.

My ongoing practice is to cultivate balance & harmony and allow my bigger calling to move me forward so it all can be conveyed through my work in color, sound, touch and word ..

My work is an invitation to take a moment and pause, to see, appreciate and be nurtured by the simple, yet vast present, and come back to what is true and essential for you in this moment. I extend this to you with the wish and hope to have your life be touched by a sense of renewal, inspiration and joy.

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I am an abstract painter, flutist & performer, and creative educator & coach. I live in Champaign, IL with my husband, and my flower & vegetable garden.

A lover of movement and sound, silence and space, all that blooms and grows, color and heart filled expression I have been making art all my life and teaching for over 30 years. My sincere interest lies in harmonizing body and mind and connecting to nature & spirit, and our shared experience.

I believe we are here to know ourselves as intimately as possible, kindly show up for our own care and thus for others, which the world so desperately needs at this time.

As teacher and guide I assist women and men to restore & cultivate balance, joy and creative flow in their life, so they can lighten pain and allow even the most challenging, frustrating or looming questions to find their answers. Nurture balance, let beauty into your heart, and return to the joy, creative drive and intuitive wisdom that is innately yours.  

I am grateful you are here.

Being artist, Reiki master, Alexander Technique teacher, zen practitioner, and classically trained flutist & performer, informs and infuses every aspect of my work.

I help motivated women ‍‍move forward with clarity & courage, so they can follow and express their next steps in deeply fulfilling and satisfying ways, and create the projects or livelihoods of their calling.

Painting with the sensibility of a musician, my desire to paint is fueled and supported by my life as a flutist working with the breath, the basic vehicle of my work. An abstract visual expression becomes another form of music making, sharing sound that empowers, impacts and heals.

Early on I was led to discover silk as the most fitting medium. It allows the translation of sound into the movement of the paint, the brush, the whole person: movement from the core extending out - breath breathing sound, breathing movement, dancing color. So does silk, it’s rich and luscious texture receives and activates the colors that come together into a moment celebrating the deep texture of life.