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Being immersed into sensory moments and the healing they bring, making art is a celebration of life and the many moods and textures that constantly shape and surround us. I have been an artist, a maker of things from as early as I can remember. Learning to play a musical instrument soon followed and both have been at the core of my life every since.

As a multi media artist my main medium for the last 30 years have been painting on silk and photography. My work is inspired and nurtured by my lifelong practice of music**, breath, awareness and movement.

The joy that comes from being in close contact with the earth, experiencing nature’s essential elements and abundant gifts - balance, ebb & flow, rhythm & breath, color & sound - as well as the gift of tranquility, meditation, deep satisfaction and harmony, all this supports and creates my work.

Wellcome to Living Poise


Balance & Awareness are the ongoing practice of my life.

My areas of study and training include: Alexander Technique teacher certification and 20 years of teaching experience, Life Coaching, Visual Art and a degree in Flute Performance - teaching and performing** for more than 30 years.  Nia white belt, Reiki Master and Zen Practitioner.‍‍‍

I guide and mentor courageous and creatively minded women to return to their innate balance so they can nurture an inspired practice living and expressing‍‍‍ their souls calling.  

‍‍‍My services include classes, workshops, personal one-on-one VIP days and coaching programs in the areas of:

Balance for Life: Holistic Movement, Awareness, Relaxation & Restoration, Conscious Living with Alexander Technique.

Soul Calling & Courage:  Inspired Pathfinding & Business Creation through Body & Soul centered Coaching, combined with practical implementation.


I am committed to supporting your change & transformation:

  • Awareness: seeing & receiving. Increase your ability to receive. Open to flow and creativity.
  • Bringing to life: relieving drama, melting pain. What does no longer serve you. Nurture simplicity, gain clarity and focus.
  • Renewing ease: vitality and joy reveal your truth. Find the gateway to abundant creativity in whatever form it speaks through you. Too often people will label themselves as not creative or withhold their creative expression from themselves. Yet, the ability to recognize and claim your personal form of creativity is an essential piece to wellbeing, meaningful living & success, being balanced and at ease the conduit.
  • Spaciousness: what is the pain that is holding you back in living your life fully now ? Deepen your awareness. Allow more spaciousness, this means shifting focus and attention to skillfully work with patterns that cause you pain and stagnation. Following through on a calling takes courage, and courage needs the strength of your backbone – literally and figuratively – so you can be supported and effective in living clearly and directly: your lifeʼs calling.
  • Embodiment: the strength and courage of letting go. Are you ready to allow change to accommodate your renewal ? From the inside out reconnecting with creative resources, we harness your personal expression for meaningful and wholesome ways to live sustainably and create the success - that YOU call success, and not anybody else. Not afraid to be seen, make yourself heard, do what you love, and take charge of your wellbeing. From that place you can give and make a mark in your world.

It is my joy and commitment, to inspire and support those, that are ready to make their calling a priority. Healing pain, clearing confusion & doubt, we steadily deepen the progress of embodying your life's work & purpose, a grounded approach with practical tools, feminine balance and holistic inspiration.

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Loba Chudak 'Poise & Poesie' original works of art

My art is an invitation to take a moment and pause, to see, appreciate and be nurtured be the simple yet vast present. My hope is to extend this to you and have your life be touched by a sense of renewal, deep satisfaction and joy.

**As flutist I had the good fortune to perform with the philharmonic Orchestra at the Opera in Hamburg Germany, for a number of years, one of the highlights of my life as a musician.  I earned my degree in flute performance at the Musik Hochschule/ University of Hamburg Germany, and continue to enjoy my love of the flute, perform chamber music, record and teach


About Loba Chudak

Loba Chudak, is an artist, entrepren‍‍‍eur,‍‍‍ holistic life balance & soul vision mentor and teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique.

She supports conscious women in strengthening their soul vision and closing the gap towards balanced and authentic action with clarity and courage. She inspires their success through creative approaches and  proven practices, creating steady progress towards realizing their hearts goals.

Her private coaching and seminars allow sensitive women entrepreneurs to outgrow self-imposed limits, transform drama & pain and move into more confidence,  joy and inner peace: Moving forward saying YES to themselves, renewing their passion and embodying their purpose - the projects, lives & business they desire to create.